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Press release   •   May 26, 2017 14:52 UTC

Funcom releases detailed infographic to show just how free-to-play will work, what you get for free, and what you can choose to pay for.

Big changes are coming when Secret World Legends launches on June 26. The game is now completely free to play, and anybody will be able to download the client and play as much as they want free of charge.

All content and game features are free, and all game updates (previously called Issues) are free to all players. You can now enjoy the great and unique storyline, all the way from London, New England, Egypt, Transylvania and Tokyo for free!

Today Funcom released a new blog post and an infographic that details just exactly how the free-to-play model will work in the game and what players can expect to get for free and what they can choose to pay for:

Download the infographic from Funcom’s FTP

Read the developer blog

Our free-to-play model allows players to obtain anything in the game simply by playing. Secret World Legends has two main currencies – Marks of Favour and Aurum. Players earn Marks of Favour when they play the game and complete Challenges or sell items on the Auction House. They can get their hands-on Aurum by purchasing it for real money. Marks of Favour and Aurum can be traded for each other on the Exchange.

Here is an example of how this would work – The game introduces nine free classes and each class gives you two weapons. You can still unlock every other weapon in the game as well, like you could in The Secret World, but to gain access to these weapons you would need to spend Marks of Favour. You now have the option to earn Marks of Favour through completing Challenges or selling items on the Auction House, or to purchase Aurum and straight up exchange it for Marks of Favour.

There is a host of different things to buy in Secret World Legends, like cool outfits, pets, boosts, sprints and much more. These things can be bought with either Marks of Favour or Aurum which you can always exchange for each other.

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