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Funcom announces NEXT BIG CONAN GAME

Funcom announces NEXT BIG CONAN GAME

Press releases   •   Apr 01, 2019 09:27 UTC

Funcom reveals release date, pricing, new screenshots of survival RTS Conan Unconquered
Funcom reveals cosmic horror game: Moons of Madness
Funcom announces Mutant Year Zero coming to Nintendo Switch this summer with DLC expansion and retail release
Play Conan Exiles for FREE on Steam this weekend!
Funcom offers first glimpse of gameplay in new Petroglyph RTS Conan Unconquered
STALKER TRIALS! Free update and demo version now available for Mutant Year Zero
Funcom Delves into the DUNE Universe with a Gaming Deal  with Legendary Entertainment and Herbert Properties LLC
Funcom releases Seekers of the Dawn DLC for Conan Exiles
Funcom announces new game: Conan Unconquered
THE DUCK HAS ARRIVED! Mutant Year Zero is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4
The duck in Mutant Year Zero is getting a friend, Funcom reveals in new trailer
XCOM-like tactical adventure game Mutant Year Zero will be launching on XBOX Game Pass on December 4
Mutant Year Zero: How the devs are reinventing turn-based, tactical combat
Mutant Year Zero video provides all new insights into the game
Funcom releases biggest post-launch Conan Exiles update yet!
Mutant Year Zero: Funcom releases 20 minutes of raw gameplay with developer commentary
Funcom and The Bearded Ladies’ announces December 4th 2018 release date for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
Funcom releases Jewel of the West DLC for Conan Exiles

Funcom releases Jewel of the West DLC for Conan Exiles

Press releases   •   Aug 02, 2018 13:28 UTC

– Jewel of the West Pack is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, introducing new Aquilonia-themed building pieces, armors, weapons, and decorations –

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