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About Us

Funcom was founded in 1993. We were there in the early nineties, guns for hire making games for the big studios to fund our own crazy ideas. We were there in the early days of the massively multiplayer online games, breaking new ground and pioneering features and business models that are commonplace today.

We’ve gone from making pixel platformers on the SEGA Genesis to developing cutting-edge, cross-platform online games and massive open world sandboxes for PC and consoles.

We’ve made over 25 games, from Casper on the original PlayStation to NBA Hang Time on the SNES to more recent titles such as The Longest Journey, Conan Exiles, and Secret World Legends. We’ve won numerous awards and we’ve celebrated success. We’ve also endured failure and through the years we’ve adapted to the many tectonic changes that have altered the gaming industry forever.

The team has grown and the studio has changed over the years, but we have always remained true to what drives us:

Make great games and have a damn good time doing it.

Today, over 250 people from around 30 different nationalities work and play at Funcom across our five studios in Oslo (Norway), Lisbon (Portugal), Raleigh (North Carolina, USA), Bucharest (Romania), and Stockholm (Sweden), as well as in our UI/UX hub in Newcastle (UK). We want Funcom to be a game developer where creative people can come together and leave a mark on the industry.

We might not always get it right, but we always do it with passion and the desire to create something special and unique.