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Conan Exiles Unleashes The Purge in Free Age of War Update!

Age of War – Chapter 2 beckons players with major loot improvements and a revamped purge system.

Oslo, Norway – September 21, 2023 – Conan Exiles, the critically acclaimed open world survival sandbox from Funcom, has added a new range of content to its ever-expanding repertoire with the Age of War – Chapter 2 update. As players’ treasure hoards grow, they must protect them from the invading Stygian Empire in the revamped purge system. With new threats also comes a global improvement to loot, and much more! Dive into the full contents of Chapter 2 with the Overview Trailer.

In Chapter 2, take full control over both when a purge attacks, and the difficulty of the event. As Stygian fighters pour from a nearby war camp, defend your base and the treasure within it against wave after wave, until the Hand of War emerges. Defeat him and reap the rewards, which improve according to difficulty. This is a completely new experience in Conan Exiles, leveraging the game’s deeply customizable player-built bases and followers to create epic battles with high replayability.

In addition, loot tables across the entire game have been improved, making enemy drops reflect their culture, environment, and equipment. Leave the confines of your fortress to raid camps and delve into dungeons to find the rarest of loot.
Thanks to their systemic nature, the impact of these features can be felt by new players taking their first steps out of the desert, to end-game veterans dominating the Exiled Lands and raising whole cities.

Chapter 2 also comes with an abundance of brand-new paid cosmetics through the Battle Pass and Bazaar item shop. The majority of these are themed to the Age of War and the Stygian Empire, including the majestic pyramid building set, Stygian weapon and armor skins, new emotes, pets, war paints, and more. Change the skyline of the Exiled Lands with your creations.
Age of War – Chapter 2 is available right now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox X|S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass. Embark on endless adventure at a discount as Conan Exiles, Isle of Siptah, and all DLC are now up to 60% off across all platforms!

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