Press release

Metal: Hellsinger is Coming to VR in 2024!

The multi-award winning rhythm shooter is being rebuilt for VR, elevating even further its adrenaline-filled gameplay and epic score, performed by some of the greatest metal musicians in the world.

Oslo, Norway – March 27, 2024 – Funcom is thrilled to announce Metal: Hellsinger VR, coming to Meta Quest 2 & 3, Meta Quest Pro, PS VR 2, and Steam in 2024. The original acclaimed rhythm shooter, developed by The Outsiders and rated 96% positive on Steam, has been developed for VR from the ground up in collaboration with Lab42 Games, to take full advantage of the potential of VR.  

With over 3 million players having made the Hells fear the beat since the release of Metal: Hellsinger®, they will this year be able to step into the half-demon body of the Unknown. With access to her full arsenal of powers and weapons, they will aim, move, dash, and shoot with complete freedom in VR. Plunge deeper into Hell in the Announcement Trailer: 

Highly requested by the community, Metal: Hellsinger VR includes the game’s legendary original score, with artists like Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Matt Heafy (Trivium), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), and more.  

Metal: Hellsinger burns bright in VR, with its meaty first-person gunplay, immersive world that pulsates to the rhythm of the music, and hypnotic, pulse-pounding gameplay flow. Aim dual pistols independently, reload manually, and slay to the beat with your blade. Whether you want to move in full VR, use the joystick, or even play sitting, it’s all possible. 

Stare down the hordes of Hell face-to-face on a thrilling ride to exact vengeance on the Red Judge, ruler of the Hells, in the full original campaign, voiced by Troy Baker and Jennifer Hale. With the Red Judge defeated, Archdevil Difficulty and Torment Challenges await. 

“Metal: Hellsinger in VR is a match made in heaven, or should I say hell,” said Funcom’s Chief Marketing Officer, Erling Ellingsen. “Even when we were working on the original, we fantasized about how thrilling it would be to play in VR and many fans have been saying the same. Now that fantasy is coming true and there is no doubt: slaying demons to the rhythm of epic metal tracks, all in full-motion immersive VR, is just as incredible as we imagined it.” 

Metal: Hellsinger VR comes to Meta Quest 2 & 3, Meta Quest Pro, PS VR 2, and Steam in 2024, and can be wishlisted now. 

Funcom is a developer and publisher of online games for PC and consoles. Funcom has provided outstanding entertainment since 1993 and continues to expand its track-record of more than twenty released games. Titles include ‘Conan Exiles‘, ‘Secret World Legends, ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’, ‘The Longest Journey', 'Anarchy Online', 'The Park', and 'Dreamfall: The Longest Journey'. 
The Outsiders is a Funcom studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The Outsiders creates original games at high quality – specializing in first person games with unique gameplay mechanics and AAA-visuals. The team consists of industry veterans from DICE, Avalanche, King, Rovio, Fatshark, Starbreeze, Arrowhead, Goodbye Kansas, Machine Games, Guerilla Games, and many others - a good mix of the best talent from the many fantastic game development schools in Sweden. “We love games and we love making them. We hope that you will enjoy playing our creations!” 

Originally founded in 2015, Lab42 became a Sumo Digital studio in 2020. The studio has worked on a range of projects for console, PC and mobile for clients including Sega Europe Publishing, Klei Entertainment, Aspyr, Ripstone, Dovetail Games, and Payload Studios. Lab42 holds an exclusive licence to use the World Snooker Tour brand. Recent games from Lab42 include support on Forza Motorsport with Turn10 Studios, Crusader Kings III in partnership with Paradox Interactive, and Human Fall Flat with No Brakes Games.